Life Plan…

Well, it’s been a while. I hope you are all doing well. I apologise for my absence, life has been very hectic as of late. While I have some time before I go to bed, I thought it was time to revise my blog and just ponder in written form.

It’s strange really… I have always considered myself a person with a plan. I remember from the age of 3, I knew what I wanted to do (Well, roughly.) The minute I saw my mother’s graduation photo, I knew that that was my life ambition. I distinctly remember saying to my mum, “I want to wear a gown like you!” And in a couple of months, I will.

But what’s next? I have always assumed that I would get the degree, get the job, find the perfect house and live with my perfect family (It’s very cliché, I know); yet here I find myself 2 months from graduation and now taking a complete U-turn. I am now considering further education programmes, travelling, the list goes on and on… But nothing set in stone. I have spent so long making life plans, that in a sense, I have forgotten to actually live; I have stuck to this routine for years and would absolutely panic if something went wrong or if something would hinder my overall goals. But is this really the way to live?

I have learned throughout these three years in University that it’s just as important to live spontaneously as it is to have a plan. Perhaps a balance of the two is ideal? Who knows? Not everything can go to plan, that’s an absolute fact and I shouldn’t force it to. If you spend too much time living in your head, you can’t truly appreciate what is going on around you. For that reason, I have decided to take life day by day. I don’t want to look back and regret that I didn’t do something because it was not a part of my ‘life plan.’ Just go for it! Sure, a vague, general idea is acceptable but I don’t want to set myself such a strict routine that I forget to experience life and the people around me. I just have to trust that it will all work out and that I keep moving forward.

I will have a few months free after graduation and in that time, I hope to revisit some of the hobbies that I have neglected over the years and who knows, I may even take up some new ones… I’m thinking an instrument maybe? I will definitely be writing more, I have missed it. But like I said, I will take it day by day and see what happens. As long as I come out of it as a better person, then I will be extremely happy.

Speak to you soon.

Kind Regards,

the lunalore x


2 thoughts on “Life Plan…

  1. I’ve enjoyed meeting you in the cyber ring and i am so pleased you are reaching life long goals. Picking up a neglected hobby is kind of fun. You realise how much you liked it…or you realise why you neglected it in the first place!!!

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